Join My Challenge Groups


If you are looking to make a change, then I highly recommend  challenge groups.  I know two questions are going through your mind right now.  First WHAT is a challenge group?  Second, WHY do I need to join one?  Both great questions, so here are my answers.  A challenge group is a small, private closed group that I run on Facebook.  I use these groups to help everyone have a place to check in each day and be accountable.  The reason you need to join a challenge group is that when you are accountable to others you will be more accountable to yourself.  It’s easy to blow off workouts or to talk yourself out of doing a workout but if you are in an accountability group you feel more obliged to do the work.  As a group we support each other and get the work done.

I know it’s hard when you work full-time in a busy and demanding job.  Sitting around for most of the day behind a desk is hard because it makes you prone to put weight on easily and it is very hard to find the time to workout.  It’s really hard, I know.  I discovered a way to get my workouts done before I start my day.  Believe me, I hear you when you say that you are not a morning person, I never was either, butI got used to the idea of getting my workout done early in the morning so I could get the rest of the stuff done in my day that I need to do.  My day starts at 5:00 a.m. when I roll out of bed and get ready to workout.  I post in my challenge groups and check my messages, then it is on to my own workout because I need to be accountable to my challengers too.  I’m on my own fitness journey which involves trying to lose that last 50 pounds.  I’ll get there and you should join me!  Want to know more?  Message me at and say “more info” in the subject line.