Alleviate Autoimmune Symptoms by Eating Right

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, you want to take a look at eating an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant eating plan to decrease, as much as possible, the inflammation and oxidative stress which are autoimmune symptoms.  Inflammation is a common symptom of an autoimmune disease but the significance of oxidative stress if underestimated.  This is where actual damage can occur to your cells with the production of free radicals.  I am not a registered dietician, but I do know how I feel when I eat the wrong foods.

Even after years of “eating healthy” it was pointed out to me that there were certain foods that I was eating that can cause inflammation and increase autoimmune symptoms.  Every morning I drink a smoothie with Shakeology, and I would put frozen banana slices into the mixture.  Guess what?  Bananas can be one food that causes inflammation.  Holy crap.  I stopped eating bananas, and my bloated, and swollen stomach started to shrink.

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Everyone is different, but I can assure you that if you have an autoimmune disease that there are foods, you should not be eating.  Find out what those are either by using an elimination diet (under your doctor’s care) or do it on your own if you are healthy enough.  Shakeology is an amazing tool because it contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.  Since I started drinking this, my hair and nails are much healthier which tells me that I am absorbing more nutrients.  Proper nutrient absorption is something that most people with autoimmune disease experience.  This is why I love Shakeology so much because it is something that can make you feel absolutely amazing.  I go from literally having zero energy to feeling alive after I drink this stuff.Try Shakeology Now!


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