Day 1 of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

Many women are afraid of weights because they believe that if they lift them it will make them bulky.  That’s ridiculous, really. There are so many amazing benefits that go along with lifting weights.   I chose the Master’s Hammer and Chisel because it is a combination program, 56 days in total, and it alternates cardio strength and balance (“Chisel”) with weightlifting and strength workouts (“Hammer”) which offers an amazing workout.  Here are some of the benefits of strength training:


  1. You Will Lose up to 40 Percent More Fat.  Lots of women think that cardio is what they need to do to get rid of belly fat, but if you lift weights you will lose pure fat as opposed to fat and muscle that you lose when you do only cardio.   When you lose muscle the sale weight will drop, but you don’t look that much better in the mirror.  Weight training helps you to protect all the muscle that you earn and also to burn more fat.
  2. You Will Look Better in Your Clothes.  Women between the ages of 30 and 50 lose about 10 percent of their body’s total muscle which will be replaced by fat over time.  This will increase your waist size since a pound of fat occupies 18% more space than a pound of muscle.
  3. You are Going to Burn More Calories.  When you lift weights you burn more calories even when you are doing absolutely nothing.  The reason for this is that once you complete a strength workout your muscles use energy to repair their fibers.  Researchers have found that people who did a total body workout using just three large muscle moves raised up their metabolism for up to 39 hours after their workout!  They also burned a larger percentage of calories from fat when compared to women who did not lift weights.  When you lift you get a better burn from exercise too.
  4. Your Diet Will Get Better.  When you are following a training regime it is a lot easier to stick to your diet plan.  When you put in the hard work you are generally reluctant to blow that work by cheating or overeating.
  5. You’ll Build Stronger Bones.  As we age, our bone mass tends to suffer and this can lead to an increased risk that you will suffer a serious fracture.  Just 16 weeks of resistance training can increase bone density and elevate your osteocalcin which is a marker in bone growth.

As a Beachbody Coach, I run challenge groups which help all of my challengers to get the most out of whichever program that they choose to do.  If you are interested in lifting some weight and getting cardio too, let me know, I would love to have you join my next group!


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